Transition AHEAD Roundtable

What is Transition AHEAD Roundtable?

The Transition AHEAD Roundtable is a virtual, activity-filled day that is focused on exploring a young person’s strengths, interests, and dreams for their own future – as well as learning about opportunities, resources, and ideas for “next steps” to make that future happen. Individual contact with important agencies and organizations that can support that future will also be made.
It is designed to purposefully engage both the young adult and their family in collaborative activities with Sonoran UCEDD staff and staff from outside agencies and organizations that address five key areas: Employment, Healthcare, Education & Training, Relationships and Community, and Independent Living.

Why participate in Transition AHEAD Roundtable?

Most parents of youth with disabilities would agree that it is essential that youth have the opportunity to learn and practice advocacy and independent living skills in preparation for adulthood. The Transition AHEAD Roundtable [TAR] is a project aimed at addressing the key transition needs and future action planning for youth (ages 14-22) and their families. The overall goal of the project is to provide a comfortable and secure space for youth and their families to explore and discuss their interests, goals, and barriers to a successful adult transition with knowledgeable staff and providers. The overall process is intended to help each emerging adult begin to achieve outcomes that connect to their own lifelong aspirations. It also helps the adults in their lives identify opportunities and actions they, too, can take to support those aspirations.

What to expect:

  • The Transition AHEAD Roundtable begins at 9:00 am and finishes at 3:45 pm [with short breaks and a longer break for lunch]. 
  • Parent/guardian and young adult with EACH need a device with a strong Internet connection.
  • The young adult and family member[s] will participate – sometimes together and sometimes separately – in individual discussions and activities that deal with things like employment, healthcare, self-advocacy & leadership, education & training, friendships & community, and independent living! 
  • The support team will include…
  • The day will culminate with a “goal setting and action steps” activity with the young adult acting as the “leader” of this team activity.

Who is involved in Transition AHEAD Roundtable?

Our Transition AHEAD Roundtable support team includes peer mentors, transition specialists, state disability agencies, family support specialists, and Sonoran UCEDD staff…all here to help families prepare for transition!

For more information or to participate in the Transition AHEAD Roundtable, please contact Celina Urquidez: