Summer Work With Sedona


Sedona works at Treasures 4 Teachers.

In the time she has worked there she has developed supportive relationships with her co-workers. 

In supported employment, it is called “natural supports.” The goal is to create or cultivate natural supports at work to lessen the support from a job coach, and Sedona has successfully worked without a job coach and only with her co-workers. 

One of Sedona’s many strengths is her ability to appropriately socialize with others. Her co-workers have commented how much they enjoy working with her. Sedona prefers to work together or with a partner.  She is very good at asking questions when she needs help and states what she needs. These are all important work skills to know.

Sedona has worked on moving from task to task on her own. For example, she is provided with a list of tasks for the day, and she can choose any task on the list and complete them in any order she chooses.  This gives her the opportunity to make work choices. 

When Sedona is nearing completion of a task, she was taught how to finish up the task by cleaning up the work supplies and workspace. Then without supports, move to the next task. She did need some support in making these transitions, but she was receptive and happy to learn.

Sedona has also been encouraged to problem solve at some moments where she wasn’t sure what to do. Sedona - A white woman with blonde hair leaning over and carefully putting together a puzzle of the United States

Her job coach would ask, “What’s another way to look at that?” or “How do you think you can problem solve that?”

Given time, she was able to problem solve through trial and error.  

When puzzles are donated, she must put them together to ensure all the pieces are there. This task is important for Sedona because it helps her focus on the details. Paying attention to details is something Sedona is working on. 

One of her other tasks is cleaning shelves while paying attention to the details such as removing all the items from the shelf, wiping down the shelf and the items, and then putting the items back in an organized fashion.

Sedona does an awesome job on this task!  

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