Summer Work With Olivia


My name is Olivia Ageno and I work as a graphic design intern at the Sonoran UCEDD.

So far, my experience has been very exciting. What was exciting about my experience was that I get to experience what it's like working in this field. I made different graphics about students in the Sonoran UCEDD Summer Work Program for the UCEDD Instagram and Facebook page, and a flyer for AZ Employment First.

I enjoyed being busy and motivated throughout the day, using Adobe more often and learning about the students in the program.

I hope to learn more tips and tricks in graphic design, like learning new tools, trying different graphic design apps, and a lot more work experience for my future.

What I learned that was new was using the opacity effect for objects on the graphics so people can see the text, making the text bigger and smaller, using the right colors, the work environment, making different graphics and the workflow since it's my first paid job.

What I hope to do next is graduate from Mesa Community College with an Associate's Degree in graphic design and then transfer to a university to get my bachelor's degree. After graduating, I will get a graphic design job.

I also plan on taking what I have learned and practicing my skills when I do school projects. A few things that I leanred other than the technical design skills were time management, communication skills, focusing on work tasks and the workflows.