Summer Work With Izaiyah

Out in the Field with Izaiyah

Izaiyah is working at Pima County Native Plant Nursery as part of the Summer Work Program.

Izaiyah has shown how to remain consistent with his work. He comes to work, clocks in, seeks staff for his first task, and starts working on it.

After the initial modeling of a task has taken place, Izaiyah is able to complete a task independently with limited prompting. He is a strong peer influence for the other student worker and willing to help and answer questions he might have.

Recently, he was introduced to two new tasks! Planting seeds and picking seeds.

Izaiyah took to both tasks well and seemed to enjoy planting seeds. He planted around 100 seeds independently! Izaiyah - A young man wearing a blue rimmed hat and a face mask planting seeds in a planter.

Picking the seeds was a bit more tedious than other tasks he was given, but he did a good job completing the task. Prompting comes into play to ensure he is still working through his assigned task, but after brief discussion about continuing work while staff might not always be around, he has continued working independently with minimal prompting.

Izaiyah says his most desirable task is washing the pots and his least favorite task was watering. It is interested because he began his time at the nursey saying his least desirable task was pots and now it is his favorite and his preferred task was watering and now it is the opposite!

It is great to witness his growth and watch him figure out his interests.

Check back often for an update on Izaiyah and more employment stories from our Summer Work Program!