Summer Work

Out in the Field with Gage 

Gage arrived on time and ready to get started right away at Civano Nursery in Tucson. He had a positive attitude the entire day even though it was hot and hard work.

Today, Gage learned to cut suckers form the bottom of fruit trees and then weeded them if they needed.

He was able to use his judgement and make decisions on his own.

Gage had some learning moments:

  • He realized he needed clippers that worked better for him and learned that gardeners in nurseries typically bring their own tools and;
  • He recognized how he could be better prepared for the heat and sun.

He was thankful for the hat provided to him by the Nursery. Gage’s supervisor was not there today but he met the owner and his co-workers.

Gage also greeted customers and asked if they needed any help.

If he didn’t know something, he took the customer to an employee for assistance.

Gage is friendly, a hard worker, and very capable. He knows when to ask for assistance but can take a moment to problem solve on his own.

Check back often for an update on Gage and more employment stories from our Summer Work Program!