Spotlight On...Analisa Teran

Analisa Teran - A smiling woman with medium length brown hair. Analisa Teran
Senior, Rehabilitation Studies Services
College of Education
2020-2021 Undergraduate Certificate Trainee

We spoke with Sonoran Center Undergraduate Certificate in Developmental Disabilities Program Trainee Analisa Teran to learn more about her unique experience in the program and how it will help her career within the disability field.

Why the disability field? 
I helped children with learning disabilities while in high school and then worked with students on the Autism spectrum at the Abbie School in my freshman year of college, and I have been interested in a career in this field ever since. At first, I wanted to be a special education teacher. But I noticed I liked to work more one-on-one with people. So now I plan on going into Occupational Therapy or any other kind of rehabilitation to help people with disabilities. 
How does the Certificate Program complement your other coursework?
I’ve taken disability related courses that apply to my degree, but the certificate program goes deeper. The guest speakers make it unique. Hearing from a person with a disability about their experiences has really opened my eyes to think more broadly about a career. 

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 What have you learned so far that was particularly interesting or surprising? 
We’ve talked a lot about intersectionality, and it has shown me how much race plays a role – especially within the healthcare system. For example, we talked about family perspectives and their experiences with the health care system, doctors, and therapists. Some have had bad experiences with doctors who show no empathy. One of our guest speakers spoke about how difficult it can be to get an aide to help around his home without a social security benefit. The cost of care and assistance for a family is something I have never thought about. 
You are working on a research project with Dr. Lynne Tomasa, an affiliated faculty member, can you tell us more about it? 
The project is called Untold Stories and its goal is to address and prevent sexual violence against people with I/DD or autism. We are working on interviewing people with I/DD who are 18 years old or older and have experienced any sexual violence throughout their life. Because I can speak in English and Spanish, I will be available to interview any Spanish speakers about their experience and what they went through in that situation. 
What about this project made you interested in working with her?
It’s a topic that needs to be talked about. I feel like the research will be beneficial in helping people with I/DD who are victims receive appropriate care and preventing future acts of violence. 
What do you like about the Certificate Program? 
It’s so beneficial because it gives students like me the opportunity to become a research assistant in an important study. It’s also opened my eyes to other opportunities within the disability field. I am so glad they have something like this for undergraduates because it’s knowledge that can help us in the future professionally.