Assessment & Evaluation

The Sonoran UCEDD performs community needs assessments to increase knowledge about meeting identified challenges in the communities we serve, in addition to assessing effectiveness of Sonoran UCEDD projects and other community programs by conducting evaluations in order to determine the effectiveness of the program interventions.

Comprehensive Review and Analysis of DD Services and Supports in Arizona

The Sonoran UCEDD, beginning in June of 2010 undertook a Comprehensive Review and Analysis (CRA) of the developmental disabilities landscape in the state of Arizona. The purpose of the CRA was to inform the development and creation of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council’s next Five-Year Plan.

Native American Developmental Disabilities Needs Assessment

The Sonoran UCEDD, in conjunction with the Native American Research and Training Center (NARTC), performed a needs assessment of American Indians and Alaska Natives (AIAN) in the spring and summer of 2011 to explore their familiarity with and utilization of DD Network Program agencies, the availability of services and support for individuals with DD and their families in AIAN communities, and the needs of DD tribal members and their families.