Future Planning: A Roadmap of Our Futures, Our Wishes (workbook)

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Future planning is an important yet difficult process that involves gathering information, looking at options, making decisions that may change, creating back-up plans, asking for help, and a lot of self-reflection. All of this is done with the individual who has a disability as the central person who has his or her own hopes and dreams. It is a balancing act that can be made easier through open and honest conversations.Cover of workbook

The Future Planning - A Roadmap of Our Futures, Our Wishes is divided into four chapters.

Chapter One - Future Planning: What Is It All About?
This chapter includes topics and questions that come up frequently in discussions about future planning. It is about exploring goals, triggers, options, and the personal and family journey during the planning process.

Chapter Two - Worksheets to Guide Communication and Planning
This chapter includes worksheets that can help to: get to know the individual and what is important to him or her, what is needed to support daily activities, how to enhance quality of life, and face transition and change.

Chapter Three - Important Considerations
This chapter includes topics that often come up when a person approaches adulthood. It explores financial and legal decisions while emphasizing the importance of supported decision making when appropriate.

Chapter Four – Relationships and the Human Connection
This chapter shares experiences from individuals with disabilities and their families who support them. Topics include family relationships, changing roles, professional support, value of friendships, and culture and tradition. It ends with profiles of individuals and their personal journeys.


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