Americans with Disabilities Act: Advocacy on Employment

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Self-Advocacy: Rights and Responsibilities. Your Rights to Employment
Presentation at the 2013 Border Conference on Disability
Asim Varma, JD

The Americans with Disabilities Act provides protections to people with disabilities that help ensure equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The ADA also places certain responsibilities on employers to make sure that they respect the rights of employees with disabilities. Even with the protections of the ADA, the unemployment rate among people with disabilities is far above the national average. This presentation will provide information to help people with disabilities advocate for their rights in the workplace. This presentation will also provide information about the responsibilities of employers under the ADA.


  1. Understand  the rights and responsibilities of job seekers and employees with disabilities
  2. Strategies to advocate for oneself under the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  3. What employers are required to do under the ADA.

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Speaker Bio
Asim Varma, JD  has been a staff attorney at the Arizona Center for Disability Law since 2011. He assists individuals with traumatic brain injury and individuals with mental illness. His work includes abuse and neglect investigations, administrative appeals regarding health care and mental health care services, and assisting individuals who have experienced discrimination because of their disability. Before joining the Arizona Center for Disability Law, Asim worked with Community Legal Services and was a Fellow at the William E Morris Institute for Justice. He was admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in 2010 after earning his law degree from the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.