New Developments in Behavior Management: Home & School (Keynote)

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New Developments in Behavior Management: How do they apply to home and school?
Keynote Speaker at the 2013 Border Conference on Disability
Fernando Armendariz, PhD, BCBA-D

The most powerful approach in dealing with child behavior challenges is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  This approach indicates that it is not the child’s disability or character that determines the occurrence of inappropriate behavior but it is the thousands of everyday responses that a child experiences which promote or discourage the behavior.  The most relevant people in those thousands of everyday responses are primarily the parents and secondly the teachers.  Unfortunately, neither the parents nor the teachers are presented with the information on how their specific responses affect what the child does or does not do.   This presentation will focus on the dynamics of how parent and teacher responses impact the specific behavior of the child.  It will also analyze how the principles of behavior affect the adults and how their behavior is in turn shaped by the responses of the child.


  1. Have participants identify the two main situations that result in undesirable behavior.
  2. Learn the appropriate responses for both situations.
  3. Learn to set up contingencies to promote compliance

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The first 8 minutes of the video is the Conference Welcome. Introduction of keynote speaker and presentation begins at 8:35.

Speaker Bio
Fernando Armendariz, PhD
is the director of FABAS, Inc., a consulting, training and habilitation agency that provides bilingual services in the United States and Mexico. He designs and supervises intensive home-based programs for families of children with autism and provides consulting and training services to schools on behavior management and effective instruction.  He earned his Ph.D. in school psychology from the University of Arizona. He was an elementary school principal for 8 years and has more than 30 years of experience assisting children with special needs in home and school settings.