My House My Home: Real Homes for Real People (available in Spanish)

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The My House My Home: Real Homes for Real People is a housing guidebook created to highlight the transition that occurs when creating a home of your own.  It emphasizes the topics and information necessary to create affordable and accessible community living for persons with disabilities.  The contributions from self advocates, family members, service providers, and experts in the field of disabilities provides a broad range of perspectives.  The guidebook integrates suggestions about things to consider, options available in Arizona, resources and supports to explore, and personal stories of what works.

My House My Home CoverChapters

  • Chapter 1: Transitions
  • Chapter 2: Community Resources and Supports
  • Chapter 3: Community Living Options
  • Chapter 4: Home Modifications and Accessibility
  • Chapter 5: Choosing and Managing Your Home
  • Chapter 6: Your Rights as a Home Owner
  • Appendix: Planning Worksheet

This guidebook was developed for the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council by the Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research and Service