Caregiver Roadmap Web Module

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As a companion to the workbook, the Future Care Planning Roadmap web module was designed specifically for caregivers as they begin their care planning journey.  Planning for the future can stir up a broad range of emotions and the web module allows caregivers to walk through each section of the Roadmap with the author at their own pace and convenience.  It serves as a complementary tool to the written roadmap.

The web module explains the purpose of the materials in Section One of the Caregiver Roadmap.  It was created to help caregivers design their own future planning roadmap and includes additional examples and worksheets created by families. The module is 22 minutes long and is divided into the following nine sections:Front page of Roadmap Webmodule
a) Planning Your Journey
b) Who Can Help
c) The Personal Profile
d) Person Centered Planning
e) Living with Family or Elsewhere
f) Finding Compatible Roommates
g) Notebook of Important Information
h) Emotionally Speaking, and
i) Time for yourself.

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