Utilizing an IDD Focused Electronic Health Record’s Template to Guide Family Medicine Resident Physicians Through a Patient Visit

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Poster presented at 2015 AADMD Conference - Global Summit on Innovations in Health and IDD

by Tamsen Bassford, MD and Sarah Guayante, MHI

The Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD), Patient Centered Medical Home Project has created an evidenced based, IDD focused electronic health record (HER) template.

The development and implementation of the IDD focused EHR template has allowed the medical home to begin to collect important health and social indicators of patients while providing resident physicians with a guide to facilitate knowledgably, quality care. Resident physicians agree that the template has increased their knowledge and made them more comfortable with providing care. Next steps for the EHR template is to train all new residents/interns with the form, complete template for all medical home patients and begin to assess benchmark data captured within the template.