Session 2: "Transitions: My Chosen Life and What It Means to Me"

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Presenter: Lynne Tomasa PhD, Sonoran UCEDD

The original training session was broadcast to multi-sites around Arizona from 2-4pm on February 7, 2011. You will find a video recording of the session with a text transcript below. We've also included the speaker's presentation slides in PDF format for you to download.

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Video and Transcript

Note: Due to technical difficulties, we are unable to provide an interactive transcript or time captions for the video that appears below. A text transcript is available for most of the video session. The transcript begins at about 9 minutes and 20 seconds into the video.

Transcript of Session 2 (.TXT format) - right click the file to save it.

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The interactive transcript is unavailable. Please download a text transcript here. 

Presentation Slides

Below are the presentation slides used during the session that appear in the video. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view these files. 

Additional Resources

If you have additional resources you'd like to share here, please email Lynne Tomasa at or call 520-626-7823.