Programs & Services

The Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities provides a variety of programs and services to support individuals with developmental disabilities and their families to have meaningful and full community participation, effect systems change, and promote healthy lifestyles. The Sonoran Center collaborates with local, state, national and international organizations to assist people with disabilities to become fully included in their communities. To learn more about each of our programs and services, please select one of the five areas of impact.

;Community Living | Initiatives and programs focused on engaging fully within your local community.   Diverse & Rural Communities | Efforts focused on underserved populations that require additional support and resources.   Health & Wellness | Projects aimed at helping disability communities live healthy lives from birth to older age.

 Youth to Adult Transition | Resources and tools for making successful transitions over the lifespan and the supports needed to live independently.    Employment | Everyone can work! Initiatives and projects related to work skill development, job seeking and keeping a job.