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July 2012

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Guardianship and Alternatives for Decision-Making Support
Got Transition? LogoAt age 18 young adults with intellectual disabilities have the same rights to privacy and protection of their health information as other young adults.  When their decision-making abilities are challenged, one of a variety of alternative supports may be needed. As a result, health care providers need accurate information about the decision-making status of their young adult patients. This new Got Transition brief describes a number of decision-making supports that may assist young adults with intellectual disabilities while assuring the highest degree of independence and self-direction.  It also provides links to important resources for more information about guardianship and other alternatives.

OCALI Transition to Adulthood Guidelines for Individuals with ASD
The current OCALI Transition to Adulthood Guidelines for Individuals with ASD has been revised and formatted into a series of free web–based booklets. Each booklet focuses on one aspect of the transition from school to adult life and offers information about the subject area, implications for individuals with ASD, examples, and resources. Many direct links to more in-depth information are available in each booklet. While these guidelines discuss issues surrounding ASD and transition, much of the information is appropriate for any transition-age youth served through the IEP process.