Sonoran UCEDD Interdisciplinary Training Program: New Undergraduate Certificate & Spring 2015 Highlights

Sonoran UCEDD Updates
Summer 2015

New Undergraduate Certificate in Developmental Disabilities

The University of Arizona has approved our recent proposal for a 12-unit Certificate in Developmental Disabilities.  Our first cohort of seven certificate UCEDD trainees starts in the fall and includes students with majors in Neurocognitive Science, Public Health, and Speech, Language and Hearing.   The Sonoran UCEDD core curriculum for the certificate program is anchored by our three-credit course in Disability Perspectives: Research, Policy and Practice.  Students will also choose an additional two courses from a menu that includes public health, psychology, neuroscience and disability studies courses.  Finally, the certificate experience will be enhanced by a two unit scholarly project in disability as well as a portfolio of community experiences.  The community portfolio will include direct contact with disability related advocacy groups, agencies, and families and individuals with developmental disabilities.

The Certificate builds on the UCEDDs existing Trainee Program and prepares students with a better understanding of the lived experience of people with developmental and other disabilities as well as an understanding of current theory, policy and practice as it relates to the field.  Certificate completion will provide an enhancement for students’ competitiveness for jobs in the field.  For those students planning to pursue a graduate degree in the sciences or health care, the certificate would provide an additional qualification in the field as well as a more holistic understanding of what disability means at the policy and practice level.

Spring 2015 Trainees Present Semester ProjectsTrainee presentations

Sonoran UCEDD trainees enrolled in the Disability Perspectives: Research, policy, and practice course for upper division undergraduate and graduate students, presented their scholarly projects to their peers and UCEDD faculty and staff at the end of the spring 2015 semester.  Project topics varied greatly, representing experiences across the lifespan for people with disabilities: peer mediated instruction and intervention, youth to adult transition, nutrition, memory and Down syndrome, aging and community participation, inclusion and access in rural communities, and independent living. 

Our trainees did great work this year and we look forward to several of the students continuing their traineeship through our new undergraduate certificate!

View the nutrition training developed by trainees, Audrey Minot and Chanel Ostrem: Eating Well for Adults with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities  

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