Senate Committee Endorses Priority Bills

Arizona News
Spring 2015

Many hours of negotiation and outreach paid off in the Senate Committee on Education this week, when two key proposals each rPhoto of student being secludedeceived unanimous, bipartisan support.

SB 1459, a long-overdue proposal to limit schools’ use of restraint and seclusion techniques on pupils, was supported by organizations and individuals from around Arizona.  The Arc of Arizona was among the most vocal proponents of this measure.  Committee testimony highlighted the problems that arise from the overuse of restraint and seclusion, and Ward observed that the practices “create trauma for the whole family.”

SB 1461 would amend the state’s third grade reading requirements to exempt a student that has a speech and language or reading impairment, including dyslexia.  The proposal would also require the State Board of Education to adopt rules that count training related to reading impairments as continuing education credits.

Ward described both SB 1459 and SB 1461 as efforts to help all students succeed and achieve, and requested that citizens continue efforts on these issues beyond the legislative process.

Both bills now move to the full Senate for consideration.