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Sonoran UCEDD Updates
Spring 2014

The SonoraSpecial Hope Logon UCEDD was recently awarded a grant from the Special Hope Foundation to develop a telemedicine program for adults with DD in rural Arizona.  The Foundation’s mission is to promote the establishment of comprehensive health care for adults with developmental disabilities designed to address their unique and fundamental needs.

Telemedicine Outreach Service Model: Comprehensive Healthcare for Adults with Developmental Disabilities is collaboration between the Sonoran UCEDD and the Arizona Telemedicine Program (ATP) to bring stakeholders together to assess needs and develop a plan to improve health for adults with DD by providing telemedicine specialty and subspecialty services in rural and underserved communities in Arizona.  Addressing the documented community concerns regarding inability to obtain subspecialty care due to distance and lack of transportation, we will concentrate our efforts on Arizona’s Hispanic border communities and American Indian Reservations.   We will assess the areas of greatest community need for telemedicine services; bring together health care providers in Tucson with the target communities to plan for providing telemedicine and develop a comprehensive implementation plan.  Plan will include mechanisms for telemedicine billing and payment; necessary accommodations for patients with disabilities; and evaluation of both the effectiveness of the intervention and the improvement in patient health.

Last year, The Sonoran UCEDD was also the recipient of a grant from the Special Hope Foundation to work with the University of Arizona College of Medicine and their established patient centered medical home for adults with developmental disabilities to increase the capacity of future and current health care providers to facilitate effective transition from pediatric to adult health care for youth with DD. Included in that effort is the establishment of an American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry (AADMD) Student Chapter at the University of Arizona College of Medicine. Our student led chapter, MedCats for Developmental Medicine, hosted its first lunch time event, The R-Word Campaign, on March 6th, 2015. The R-Word Campaign asks people to sign a pledge to stop saying the R-Word as a starting point toward creating more accepting attitudes and communities for all people.  Our pledge poster, along with posters from other AADMD chapters across the country, will be displayed at the Special Olympics World Games in Los Angeles, California from July 25th through August 2nd, 2015.