Former UCEDD Trainee Spotlight: Jon Howe, PhD

Sonoran UCEDD Updates
Spring 2015

Jon Howe, PhDAt the Sonoran UCEDD, we caught up with some past trainees to see what they are doing now, how the Sonoran UCEDD trainee program affected their life and work, what was most valuable to them about the program, and what advice they might give to current students.  Jon Howe, PhD’s profile is the first in our series.

Dr. Howe is currently the Director of Access and Disability Resources at Pima Community College (PCC).  In this role he directs the department that ensures all students attending PCC have equal access to classes and programming.  Equal access is achieved in two ways: 1) making sure all students have the appropriate materials and accommodations they need for their classes and 2) building more accessible environments through accessible design, especially in technology used for learning in and out of the classroom.  One especially rewarding part of Dr. Howe’s role at PCC is working with students, being able to find a path for success with them, and seeing them succeed.

 Before he was a Sonoran UCEDD trainee, Dr. Howe already had a great deal of experience working with individuals with disabilities.  He has been in the disability field since the early 1980’s and has seen the evolution of the provision of support and accessibility since that time.  His time as a UCEDD trainee exposed him to a range of perspectives in the disability field through engagement with experts from different areas of disability research, services and supports.  Even now, he uses the UCEDD as a resource to continue to tap into the experience of the UCEDD associated faculty and staff.

His advice for students thinking about becoming a Sonoran UCEDD trainee and for those who are current trainees is to take advantage of the opportunity.  He says “without hesitation, do it.  It’s a unique opportunity to develop some really broad knowledge in the area of disability, so take advantage of it.”  What is so unique about the Sonoran UCEDD trainee program is that you can get diverse perspectives presented in a concentrated way so you can see the different perspectives and see how all of the features of disability services can work together.

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