ArtWorks - Art and Talent

Sonoran UCEDD Updates
Winter 2014

ArtWorks had its fourth annual Talent Show at ZUZI Theater on August 21st. It has become ArtWorks tradition during our hot summer to have our artists focus on their performing arts talent.

 This year’s Emily Rine performing a dance routine to "Somewhere over the Rainbow"theme was “Travel Through Time,” and the talent show featured contemporary, big band, Hollywood, western, and other performance styles. Performances ranged from group singing numbers to highflying trapeze acts, to standup comedy.Karen Dannheim perorming a 50's dance routine

Gabriel Rischelle, a long-time  ArtWorks staff member, former UCEDD trainee and current AZ LEND trainee directed this event. Gabe guided a team of workers, organizing event details, assigning tasks, and directing day-to-day rehearsals. ArtWorks staff and student workers assisted our artists in selecting songs, making props and costumes, and coming up with their acts. Throughout the show, the magical live performance projected the warm, respectful, humorous and gentle friendships of the ArtWorks community. The audience of ArtWorks’ families/friends and the surrounding University community thoroughly enjoyed their performances and are looking forward to the next Talent Show!

Art Show & Open HouseJack McHugh and Paul McLaughlin entertaining the crowd while dancing to the song "Happy" by Parrel Williams

The UA Artworks featured the art work of 24 artists with Intellectual and Development Disabilities at their annual Art Show/Open House on October 3st at ArtWorks in the Mary Paulin Gallery.

ArtWorks, is an art studio and day program where the creative and expressive arts processes promote mutual learning opportunities between adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and the University of Arizona students.  ArtWorks is part of the Department of Family and Community Medicine’s outreach efforts and is housed in the Sonoran University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD).

This year the exhibitiArt Show Announcement Post Cardon was titled “Desert Harvest.”  The artists used this title as inspiration for creating original expressive pieces that exhibit their skills with a variety of materials such as ceramics, acrylic and watercolor paintings, wood, prints and fabrics.  All of the proceeds are distributed between the artists and their materials fund.

To learn more about ArtWorks, please visit: