Health Promotion for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

In its goal to promote wellness and healthy lifestyles for people with developmental disabilities and their families, the Sonoran UCEDD develops and disseminates culturally and linguistically appropriate health education materials to people with DD and their families and caregivers.

Health and Wellness Information Resource Center

The Sonoran UCEDD has developed an online information center to serve as a portal to useful web-based materials promoting the health and wellness of individuals with developmental disabilities. This center also features a series of fact sheets on health and wellness topics developed by UCEDD faculty and staff.  The goal of the website is to serve as a user-friendly portal to relevant health information resources for an audience with a broad range of abilities. As such, the webiste is structured utilizing complementary tracks: one track with an emphasis on readability designed for individuals with developmental disabilities, a second track designed for readers with a higher literacy level and targeting individuals with developmental disabilities and caregivers.

Health and Wellness Resource Center
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