Zoowalk for Autism - Tucson, AZ

Saturday, October 13th, 2018
6:30 AM – 11 AM
Zoowalk for Autism Research

Pre-register for the ZOOWALK  for Autism Research during Autism Awareness month!

There's still time left to pre-register for the Zoowalk during Awareness month Saturday, October 13, 2018! We encourage you to invite your family, friends and coworkers to walk on your team and encourage them to help raise money for Autism Research on Saturday, October 13th!

The Zoowalk is a fun-filled, family friendly event and is largest fundraising event for important research at Arizona State University. Whether this is your first walk or the 10th, take the first step and pre-register today! You will not only raise funds, but you join a community of caring and passionate individuals that share our vision that Autism is Treatable. Together, we're fueling breakthrough research, making a big impact and if you join us, you can too!

This year our research includes:

  • National Treatment Survey: Analysis of the effectiveness of many nutritional supplements
  • Gut Treatment Study for Adults: Continue this new study
  • Gut Treatment Study for Children: Start another treatment study
  • Yeast Levels in Autism: Investigate yeast infections and their effect on autism symptoms
  • Mom’s Study: Investigate additional risk factors, including hundreds of metabolites, gut bacteria, toxic metals, and more.
  • Prenatal Vitamin/Mineral: Release our report on the optimal level of each vitamin and mineral in prenatals, based on over 350 studies.

Start a corporate, school or family team today!

“Please pre-register by Sept 15 to be guaranteed an official 2018 Zoowalk T-shirt.”

It is easy to register and/or create a team. You will join a community of walkers who together raise the money needed for research for effective treatments for those living with ASD.
For more information and to register please visit: ZOOWALK

Adult registration $25 (Day of Event $30), Includes Official Zoowalk T-shirt
Autism Champion $75 Includes Official Zoowalk T-shirt
Teens $15 No Official Zoowalk T-shirt

Children under 12 and people on the spectrum are free!

Please consider sponsoring the Zoowalk for Autism Research: ZOOWALK Sponsor or email mylien@zoowalk.org


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