Student & Professional Education

The Sonoran UCEDD Faculty is hard at work ensuring that future and current professionals working with individuals with disabilities and their families have the skills and training needed in order to provide quality services and supports.  We do this by teaching courses throughout the university and health sciences, as well as providing professionals working in the community with educational opportunities.  Our own interdisciplinary training program provides the cornerstone of our work, but there are many opportunities to engage students and professionals in further learning about disability.  These efforts are briefly described below.  To learn more, click on the title of each section.

Sonoran UCEDD Interdisciplinary Training Programs (Trainees)

Undergraduate Certificate in Developmental Disabilities

The Certificate Program is for future professionals in a wide range of settings where they will have clients, patients, or even basic science research touching on issues in the lives of individuals with developmental and other disabilities.  The certificate provides upper division undergraduate students with an opportunity to complete a twelve credit program addressing the research, policies and practices impacting the lives of people with developmental disabilities and their families.  Course work addresses disability within the context of historical, sociopolitical, educational and health-related issues.  Students work with community organizations and participate in community events on disability. Certificate students are Sonoran UCEDD trainees with opportunities for training, conference support, and connection with other  trainees from across the country. For more information

Internship & Research Trainee Opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate students in a wide variety of disciplines may also become Sonoran UCEDD trainees with opportunities to work in community-based programs with UCEDD faculty, assist in UCEDD based research, and develop skills and expertise in the disability field through innovative projects. Trainees will have opportunities for training, conference support, and connection with other trainees from across the country. For more information, please For examples of past trainee projects, visit Meet our Trainees and Trainee Spotlights in our newsletter.

University of Arizona Course Work

Sonoran UCEDD faculty teach a variety of classes for undergraduate and graduate students in three colleges at the University of Arizona relating to disability issues and topics:  College of Medicine, College of Education, and the Mel & Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health.

Health Sciences Training

The Sonoran UCEDD is working to ensure health professionals are provided the information they need to prepare them to work with people who have disabilities. We have developed and are teaching a required curriculum to second year medical students on human development. We have established an annual interprofessional activity on disabilities for students from the entire health science campus and law school. We are teaching family medicine residents about caring for people with disabilities, with an emphasis on disability culture and history.

Professional Development Training

Responding to the community expressed need for disability service professionals who have an understanding of current trends in disability services and supports, person-centered practices, and leadership skills, the Sonoran UCEDD has developed a series of trainings of interest to disability professionals looking to further their knowledge and skills.

Volunteer/Internship Opportunities

The Sonoran UCEDD mentors students working in a variety of disability related projects as part of our interdisciplinary training program.  We also have opportunities for student interns and community volunteers to take part in the work of the UCEDD from time to time.