The Sonoran UCEDD faculty and staff produces a variety of publications and resources for individuals and their families, as well as academic and professional communities. We are committed to making our publications as accessible as possible and many of our publications below are available in multiple formats such as closed captioning and Spanish. To request an alternative format, please contact us at or (520) 626-0442.

You may search for resources by topic (i.e. Aging, Housing, Transition, etc.) or by type using the drop down menu and clicking "Apply".

Publication Types:

Community Resources: includes resources for individuals with disabilities and their families such as factsheets, toolkits, videos, brochures, and other public awareness materials

Presentations: includes professional training presentations, conference sessions and posters

Published Materials: includes books, articles and papers published in professional and academic journals

Reports: includes technical reports, whitepapers, assessment reports, and research summaries