Health & Wellness

ARSOBO - Low Cost Durable Medical Equipment Project

The Sonoran UCEDD's first Border Conference on Disability in 2008 held in Nogales, Sonora led to the creation of ARSOBO (Arizona – Sonora – Border), a non-governmental organization which constructs low cost durable medical equipment for people with disabilities on both sides of the Arizona-Mexico border.  ARSOBO is currently constructing standard and custom-built all-terrain wheelchairs.

Health Sciences Training

The Sonoran UCEDD is working to ensure health professionals are provided the information they need to prepare them to work with people who have disabilities. We have developed and are teaching a required curriculum to second year medical students on human development (see UA Course Work). We have established an annual interprofessional activity on disabilities for students from the entire health science campus and law school.

Medical Home for Youth and Adults with DD

Medical Home model health clinic where youth and adults with developmental disabilities receive health services that are patient-centered, comprehensive, coordinated and compassionate.

Primary Care Provider Continuing Medical Education Program

Partnering in Health Care Decision-Making with Patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Project I-AADAPT: Identify and Address Alzheimer’s and Dementia in Adults with IDD through Prevention and Training

Project I-AADAPT identifies and addresses Alzheimer’s and Dementia in adults with IDD through prevention and training. Over the next two years, Project I-AADAPT will address an emerging trend and the associated challenges of aging individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) – the early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and detecting dementia symptoms with pre-existing cognitive and neurological conditions. Trainings on Dementia Capable Care will be held throughout Arizona to improve awareness and knowledge on dementia and IDD among caregivers, service providers and medical professionals.

Project Together

Project Together supports opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to articulate grief at the death of a parent caregiver or a close family member through art making at the University of Arizona ArtWorks Studio. This project aims to enhance, implement and evaluate a 10-week expressive arts curriculum that facilitates a group process working through bereavement. Our approach utilizes expressive arts to remove communicative barriers between persons with different types and levels of disabilities. Through peer-based, creative interactions, we develop strong and supportive community membership.

Untold Stories

The University of Arizona Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities’ UnTold Stories of Sexual Abuse and Violence project needs your help. This research project aims to gain a clearer understanding of the incidence, context, and impact of sexual abuse on the lives of persons with I/DD/A.