Vision, Mission, & Values


The Sonoran Center for Excellence in Disabilities is based on the vision of a community benefiting from the full participation of all members, with recognition of the strengths brought by diversity in abilities, culture, age, and life-experience.


The mission of the Sonoran Center is to support people living with developmental disabilities through all stages of life, through interdisciplinary education, service development and dissemination, research, and an impact on policy.


The Sonoran Center is based on the value of full participation by people with developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life, including the development of support services. Our programs are based on the principles of cultural respect, empowerment, and self-determination. These principles are operationalized by the inclusion of a diverse membership with regard to abilities, culture, age, geography, and experience in our programs and governance.


The Sonoran Center supports Arizona Employment First, an initiative that works with stakeholder groups across the state to redefine and rethink how we work with and for individuals with disabilities to increase successful employment outcomes. To the right is Brandon, who was able to find employment with the Daisy Mountain Veterinary Hospital in Phoenix through the help of job coaches and other supports.