Council Adopts 5-year plan to Empower Arizonans with DD

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DDNN Winter 2016/17
Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (ADDPC)

The Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council released its official Five-Year State Plan for 2017-2021 after gathering ideas from Arizonans impacted by developmental disability through 11 public forums in communities ranging from Sierra Vista to Tuba City last spring.

Every five years, the federally-funded Council develops focus areas as part of its role awarding grants and contracts to launch innovative and new approaches to tackling problems and barriers faced by individuals with developmental disabilities. The plan reflects a massive statewide research effort, dubbed the Comprehensive Review and Analysis, discovering the state’s successes and obstacles that residents face every day living with a developmental disability.

The Council’s state plan identifies a new goal as Council members look ahead to the future for Arizonans with developmental disabilities—creating inclusion in all aspects of community life. That goal joins two others the organization has worked towards during the previous five-year period: increasing employment opportunities and encouraging individuals to advocate for themselves. Moreover, the new plan calls for the Council to consider projects targeting underserved groups such as children with disabilities in foster care, Native Americans and the aging.

The new guidelines took effect October 1, 2016 after approval by the federal Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Washington, D.C.

2017-2021 Goals for the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council

Self-Advocacy/Self-Determination - Establish, strengthen, and expand self-advocacy activities among persons with developmental disabilities so they will become empowered to be self-determined.

Employment - Increase awareness of employment potential of people who have developmental disabilities, link them to resources needed to achieve their employment potential, and foster job creation, hiring, retention, promotion, and self-employment.

Inclusion - Motivate communities to include people of all ages who have developmental disabilities in all aspects of community life.