Untapped Arizona: Your Resource for an Inclusive Workforce

Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
DDNN Summer 2014

Untapped Arizona (UAZ) represents an innovative model for workforce development, strategically bringing together key leaders from business and government to create a single go-to resource to help businesses connect with qualified job candidates with disabilities. These individuals represent an untapped resource that can contribute to a vibrant Arizona economy and help close the gap between the number of available jobs and the number of available qualified candidates.

UAZ is in the process of creating a business advisory group that will guide its organizational development and strategic planning efforts. Individuals invited to serve in the advisory group will represent Arizona’s key industry sectors—information technology and related manufacturing, aerospace and defense, health care, energy, etc.—and will speak to the labor needs of their sectors. Research shows that participation in industry sector partnerships benefits the business as well as its employees by improving productivity, reducing costs, and increasing the number of higher-wage employment opportunities.

In addition, UAZ is hiring an Executive Director, becoming a nonprofit organization, developing short term (2 year) and long term (3-5 year) strategic plans, and instituting a Board of Directors representative of Arizona business leaders committed to workplace diversity.Untapped arizona: Your resource for an inclusive workforce

Desired outcomes include:

  • 65 new businesses posting jobs on AZ Job Connection
  • 250 people with disabilities enrolled in AZ Job Connection (25% with I/DD)
  • 50 people with disabilities hired (25% with I/DD)