“If You Build It, They Will Come” Housing Report Released

Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
DDNN Summer 2013

"If You Build it, They Will Come" coverAs many Arizonians know, the last several years have been difficult when managing the selection and cost of housing.  Persons with developmental disabilities have a historical experience in facing housing limitations, and a new publication recently released by the Council details the present state of affairs and also proposes future options that may increase housing options for persons with developmental disabilities.  In conjunction with Arizona State University, Morrison Institute on Public Policy, “If You Build It, They Will Come”, was developed by the Council for distribution to consumers, public policy makers and government planners.  The Council is hopeful that the publication can become part of an increasing “toolkit’ to make appropriate and adequate housing increasingly available in Arizona.  You can view this document on our website (https://www.azdes.gov/ADDPC/About/Reports_StatePlans) or email (addpc@azdes.gov) to receive a copy.