What’s New with the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council?


New State Plan
The Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (ADDPC) has embarked on carrying out activities to fulfill the new Goals established within the 2012-16 Five Year State Plan.  These Goals include:

  1. Build a self-advocacy coalition comprised of diverse advocacy organizations that is led by persons with developmental disabilities.
  2. In partnership with individuals with developmental disabilities, their families, others who support them, and employers, advocate and expand capacity for community integrated employment.
  3. Empower persons with developmental disabilities, their families, and persons who support them by linking them to information that promotes informed decision making about their choices and their quality of life.

Developments related to the new plan can be found on the ADDPC website athttp://www.azgovernor.gov/DDPC/.

State Employment Leadership Network
The Arizona Department of Economic Security, Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) has recently increased its activities in developing effective and strategic approaches to increase opportunities for competitive employment.  Through ADDPC funding of membership dues, DD has become a member of the State Employment Leadership Network (http://www.seln.org/homepage) comprised of state agencies (http://www.nasddds.org/index.shtml) providing services to persons with developmental disabilities.  Based on a “best practices” model, membership in the Network allows DDD to participate in assessment of Arizona employment needs and then collaborate with other state agencies that have successfully implemented approaches to address similar employment issues.

Dental Needs Evaluated
tooth and toothbrushIn February 2012, the ADDPC released a new report addressing the oral health care needs of adults with developmental disabilities in Arizona.  The report assessed the impact of recent cuts to AHCCCS and other services as affect the oral health and subsequent health issues realized by consumers.  The report also established a number of recommendations that will be addressed by the ADDPC in 2012.

Visit our website at www.azgovernor.gov/DDPC