ACDL & IHD Takes Restraint and Seclusion Training to Western Arizona

empty chairs in a classroomArizona Center for Disability Law and Institute for Human Development continued its collaborative statewide training efforts on the issue of Restraint and Seclusion in Schools, by focusing on three communities in Western Arizona. The trainings were held in Yuma, Parker and Kingman, with a total of 155 participants. The training in Parker was held on the Colorado River Indian Nation, with members from other western Arizona Native American Nations in attendance. The training was divided into two sessions.  The morning session was presented by Staff from the Center and focused on legal issues regarding restraint and seclusion in schools. The afternoon session was presented by Dr. Dan Davidson from IHD and provided information on the use of positive supports to prevent restraint and seclusion.

The number of participants and the diversity of the audience, from family members, to school personal and representatives from the mental health community, reflect the importance of this topic.

In addition to our training efforts, the Center has been involved in individual case work and has conducted investigations on behalf of students that have been subject to restraint and seclusion in schools.

Recently, the Center developed an expansive self-advocacy guide titled “What to do if your Child is Restrained, Secluded, Bullied, Harassed, Abused or Neglected at School.” This document is designed to provide families with various self advocacy options to address these issues. For a copy of this document, please visit our website at or contact the Center at 602-274-6287.