What’s New with the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council?

Governor Appoints New Council Chair

Will HumbleWill Humble, Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services and the parent of a child with developmental disabilities, was appointed as the Chairperson to the Council in January 2011.  The appointment followed the departure of Steve Tully who had served as Chairperson since September 2009 when Governor Janice K. Brewer created the new Council by Executive Order.  Mr. Humble has no difficulties in expressing his enthusiasm for his new role, recognizing the strong core of Council members with combined expertise and experience in working in developmental disabilities community. He noted that the entire Council is committed to supporting persons with developmental disabilities in seeking inclusion in all facets of community life.  Mr. Humble's experience in public policy and parenting will be key to leading the Council to success.

Native American Disability Law Center Leads Accessible Housing ProjectNative American Disability Law Center
In collaboration with the Council and the Navajo Housing Authority (NHA), the Native American Disability Law Center has embarked in a project in northern Arizona to make NHA programs and services easier to access when sought by persons with developmental disabilities and their families.  The project is seeking to streamline housing application processes and establish tracking systems so that the NHA is able collect data on the number of consumers who have developmental disabilities. The end result of the project will be to increase the number of persons with developmental disabilities able to obtain NHA assistance in finding appropriate housing that fits individual need.  The Native American Disability Law Center will be producing a manual for consumers entitled "A Guide to Housing Supports and Services for Navajo and Hopi People with Disabilities."

New Legal Options Manual to be Available this Summer
The Council in a shared effort with the Arizona Center for Disability Law and the Native American Disability Law Center is close to printing and distributing a new Legal Options Manual that will be available at no cost to consumers this summer.  Thanks to the diligent efforts of both law centers involved in the project, numerous legal issues affecting persons with developmental disabilities and their families, have been researched and developed into a highly useable format.  In addition to distributing printed and electronic copies of the Manual, the Arizona Center for Disability Law will be conducting a series of training workshops within the State this summer to orient and familiarize consumers on how to utilize the information.  “Legal Options to Guardianship” trainings will be held in Parker on July 13th, Yuma on July 21st, Winslow on July 27th and Safford on August 3rd.  For more information on the trainings, please visit the Arizona Center for Disability Law website (www.azdisabilitylaw.org).

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