DD Planning Council Comprehensive Review and Analysis - A Collaboration with the Sonoran UCEDD

How many people with DD in Arizona want to work but can’t find jobs? Are families feeling supported in their communities? What issues are important to people with DD and their families?

woman in a wheelchair with a sign asking for helpThese and other questions will be answered through a new collaboration between the Sonoran UCEDD and the Developmental Disabilities Planning Council (DDPC).  As part of developing its’ next five year plan, the DDPC must develop a comprehensive review and analysis of the extent to which services, supports, and other assistance are available to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, and the extent of unmet needs for services, supports, and other assistance. The results of this comprehensive analysis will determine the DDPCs future goals and objectives.

The DDPC has contracted with the Sonoran UCEDD to review the developmental disabilities services landscape in the state and to obtain information from the community on assets, needs and barriers for people with DD in Arizona. We will be holding focus groups in several communities and talking to key stakeholders as well as disseminating a statewide survey to determine what issues are important to people with DD and their families in Arizona. We hope that we’ll hear from many of you in this important process.

Stay tuned for information on how you can become part of the process through our focus groups, surveys and interviews. We’re committed to developing a comprehensive report based on wide community input.   All DD Network partners  will work together to use the data collected to set collaborative goals and objectives as well. Please contact the Sonoran UCEDD, (520) 626-0442 orucedd@email.arizona.edu, for more information.