Progress on the AZ Employment First Initiative

DDNN Fall 2015
Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Coucnil

Over the last year, a group of multi-stakeholders, including members of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Network, have been working diligently to prepare an action plan for Employment First to be launched in the state. Employment First supports the belief that employment, must be a primary focus for all persons including those with disabilities.

Listed below are some of the accomplishments achieved or pending related to Employment First:

  • The Employment First Strategic Plan was finalized in  August and formally presented at the Arizona Department of Education’s Fifteenth Annual Transition Conference during the session AZ Employment First: Job Opportunities Builds Success.
  • The Division of Developmental Disabilities has announced an Employment Services Manager will be recruited to coordinate and implement the Employment First Strategic Plan goals and action steps. The position will also support the Division’s initiatives to provide technical support assistance and training, developing employment policy/procedure, and developing new employment services.
  • The Council is implementing a new webinar series and will be presenting information to the general public on Employment First in the near future.

Employment word cloud