Border Initiative - Sharing Knowledge

Supporting health and wellness in our border communities, by working in partnership with people with disabilities, their families, and disability organizations along the Arizona/Sonora Border. 

Congratulations to the Sonoran UCEDD Disability & Border Communities Workgroup, 2011 AUCD Multicultural Council Award Recipient!

Sharing Knowledge

  • The Sonoran UCEDD developed skill building workshops for teachers in rural bilingual communities in Southern Arizona, bringing new knowledge and skills to these communities. (2009)
  • The Sonoran UCEDD will continue to offer trainings and workshops in rural bilingual communities in Southern Arizona on various topics of interests such as person-centered planning and practices.

Forging Long-term Relationships

  • Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) – Sonora’s premier government disability service agency has partnered with the Sonoran UCEDD in developing both educational events and not-for-profit social businesses.
    National Website:
  • St. Andrews Clinic – Sonoran UCEDD works with this free clinic serving children with disabilities along the border.