Adaptive Athletics and College: Sports and Wellness for Veterans with SCI/D

Drs. Alberto Guzman and Amanda Kraus, faculty of both the Sonoran UCEDD and Disability Resource Center (DRC), have received a grant to explore the impact of sports in supporting veterans with Spinal Cord Injury/Disorders (SCI/D) with an emphasis on transitions to higher education.

As a leader in establishing veteran-friendly campus practices, The University of Arizona is committed to research and service to veterans. In fact, The University of Arizona Adaptive Athletics is the most comprehensive collegiate wheelchair sports program in the nation, offering five competitive sport teams:  men’s and women’s basketball, tennis, rugby, track, and road racing. Led by a team of professionals with unique expertise in rehabilitation, disability, adaptive athletics, and higher education, the project will integrate adaptive athletics sports and wellness camps with post-secondary education.

While adaptive athletics opportunities are increasingly available, few studies examine the impact during the transition into civilian and academic life. This project responds to the need for more educational research examining the role of adaptive athletics on the health, wellness, and identity of veterans with SCI/D.  Offering an opportunity to examine the utility of adaptive athletics, the project expects to provide information that can define how veterans with SCI/D approach transition to civilian and academic life.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Amanda Kraus
(520) 626-0940

Dr. Kraus is also the project director of the the UA Veterans Reintegration and Education Project housed within the DRC.