DD Network Newsletter

Arizona Developmental Disabilities Network

The DDNN is the newsletter of the Arizona Developmental Disabilities Network and developed by the DD Network Outreach Committee. Our purpose is to keep the community and our partners updated on Network agencies' projects, activities and collaborations as well as to provide a portal for local disability-related news. We hope you find DDNN useful and informative.

To receive any issue in an alternative format, please send an email to ucedd@email.arizona.edu with DDNN and your name in the subject line or call (520) 626-2207.

To submit comments or news items, please email the Editor, Jacy Farkas, at ucedd@email.arizona.edu.

DD Network Outreach Committee Members:
Erica McFadden, Executive Director, Arizona Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Tom Uno, Associate Director, Institute on Human Development
Renaldo Fowler, Senior Staff Advocate, Arizona Center for Disability Law
Jacy Farkas, UCEDD Manager, Sonoran UCEDD

Summer 2007 Newsletter