Person-Centered Initiative

Informed choice and being a respected part of the community are crucial quality of life issues for people with DD and their families.  The Sonoran UCEDD is committed to increasing person-centered thinking and practices throughout the state of Arizona to enhance the quality of life of individuals with DD.  We will continue to provide trainings for individuals with DD and their families, provider and agency staff, and the community at  large in person-centered philosophy and tools; maintain a web-based forum and matching service for trained facilitators and individuals with DD and their families to connect who would like to complete a PCP; and facilitate statewide collaboration by convening a PCP and practices stakeholder group to determine next steps and opportunities for systemic change.

Person-Centered Planning (PCP) is a guided process assisting individuals to identify the steps needed to make their dreams become a reality. It is a proactive and positive approach which emphasizes the strengths and wishes of the individual and brings together many of the supportive people in this person’s life. The concept of Person-Centered Planning has been in practice for many years and is widely accepted as a beneficial and rewarding process for all involved.

Current Activities

  • clip art of a person drawing out a vision of his future on a posterWe are working with the AZ Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) to explore ways to continue to grow person- and family-centered thinking in the state.  In this effort, a project, Creating a "Picture of a Life" for Transitioning Youth with DD in Foster Care, in collaboration with DDD and funded by the AZ DD Planning Council to develop person-centered plans for transition age (14-18 year old) youth with DD in foster care begins its fifth year October 2016.
    "Picture of a Life" Brochure
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  • New PCP Facilitator Training Scheduled for April 24 & 25, 2017 in Queen Creek, AZ
    Participants interested in attending the 2-day in-person training must attend a 2 hour pre-training webinar on April 20, 2017
    Please register by April 17: Flyer and Registration Form
  • As a result of the tools created and lessons learned from a previous grant and PCP program for transition age youth with DD in Southern AZ, we developed a community tools curriculum, Person-Centered Planning: Pathways to Your Future, as well as a statewide information and resource website, A Person-Centered Arizona.  The toolkit is available in English and Spanish and can be found at the website.  The site is interactive and provides up-to-date state and national resources, information on current and archived trainings, and a way to connect families with facilitators to have plans completed.  The website will continue to grow and be maintained for accuracy and the latest information.

    A Person-Centered Arizona
    Visit A Person-Centered Arizona Website:


For more information about the Sonoran UCEDD's Person-Centered Initiative or its projects, please contact project director:
Jacy Farkas, MA